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National Focal Point of the Codex Alimentarius

The INRSP is the National Focal Point of the Codex Alimentarius in Mauritania.
There is a National Codex Committee (NCC) in Mauritania is established.

This committee includes:

1. The Ministry of Health
2. The Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization
3. The Ministry of Rural development
4. The Ministry of finances
5. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Tourism

6. The Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy
7. The Ministry of State for Higher Education, education and scientific research
8. Federation of Farmers and Breeders in Mauritania

Reports of meetings of the Codex Alimentarius:

1. Report of the 33 session held in Geneva - July 2010: report
2. Report of the 42 Session of CCFH held in Kampala - November-December 2010: report
3. International food standards - June 2008: Standards