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Educational visit of ISET students from Rosso to INRSP

In the field of cooperation between research institutions at the national level, on 5 January 2017, the National Institute for Public Health Research (INRSP) hosted a pedagogical visit of students from the production and animal health in Higher Institute of Technological Education (ISET) of Rosso.

During the visit, students accompanied by a teacher visited the Laboratory of Microbiology of Waters and Food, the Laboratory of Medical Bacteriology and the Unit for the Preparation of Culture Media of the INRSP.

Clarification of the issues raised by the students was provided by the laboratory visited staff of INRSP.

This visit provided an opportunity for the students of this institution (ISET) to learn about working conditions in practice at the level of certain public health laboratories and how the equipment and activities carried out by the INRSP.