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Nutrition project on exclusive breastfeeding in Mauritania

As part of the implementation of the nutrition project activities related to the use of deuterium-labeled water technology to assess the impact of a program to promote infant feeding practices (ANJE) in Mauritania, a meeting was held at INRSP on 03/01/2017 in the presence of representatives of WHO, FAO, UNICEF, WFP, NLO / IAEA and of the ARSN.
During this meeting the coordinator of the National Nutrition Program of the Directorate of Basic Health and Nutrition made a presentation on the project and the expectations of the Department of Health to improve the indicators of exclusive breastfeeding maternity.
In his address, the Director of INRSP, after thanking all participants at this meeting, first reviewed the project from its inception until today, praising the role of the Department of Health, The IAEA and all other partners.

He pointed out that the main stages of the project were developed and validated in consultation with the IAEA and the partners. The reason for this invitation is the setting up of a steering committee for the project as well as the support of the partners for the implementation of the field activities of this first project of the kind in Mauritania. The Director welcomed the efforts of the IAEA to support equipment and training of two INRSP managers on the use of isotopic techniques in the field of nutrition.
After discussion, participants expressed their readiness to participate in this important nutrition project.