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The training of two technical staff on the use of stable isotopes techniques to assess exclusive breastfeeding

As a part of the collaboration between INRSP, the ARSN, and the IAEA, a project to promote practical breastfeeding of Infant and Young Child (IYCF) was selected by the IAEA with support from the Department of Health, WHO and UNICEF.

The two technical staff of new INRSP's Nutrition Laboratory have received a practical training in accordance with the timetable established by the Experts of the Joint Research Unit in Nutrition and Food (URAC39) Center national Energy Sciences and Nuclear Techniques (CNESTEN) in Rabat, Morocco, from August 29th to September 28th, 2016.

This training was focused on these following areas:

-       Training On FTIR (Principle and procedure, standard preparation and calibration curve, Microlab software, control the standard solutions, and analysis of the standard curve and interpretation the standard curve);

-       Determination Body composition by dilution of deuterium oxide (Preparation and dosing, collection and storage of samples of saliva, Analysis of  saliva, body composition technique , and balance plate technique, intersection to the origin and the calculation and interpretation of body composition;

-        Quantification of breast milk by technical oxide deuterium.

-       Using The Bio-Electric Impedance Multi Frequency ( Bodystat Quad Scan 4000  ) for the determination of body composition;

-       Using The Bio-Electric Impedance Multi Frequency (Biody Expert) for determining body composition;

-       Ethics authorization application dossier of elaboration for conducting survey or study on humans;

-       Using Nutrilog, which is software for measuring dietary recall 24 hour;

-       Determination Of physical activity by the method of the accelerometer. It comes to determine the activity or inactivity of a targeted study population;

-       Determination of Sweet and salted threshold of perception. It comes to determine taste perception thresholds of sucrose and salt in water;

-       Quality assurance and good laboratory practice to implement a quality assurance system in Nutrition Laboratory.

We invite you dear readers to see photos immortalizing the training sessions of the two technical staff in Morocco.


Photo 1. Delegations Mauritanian, Malian and Chadian and researchers at the Joint Research Unit in Nutrition and Food (University Ibn-Tofail CNESTEN).


Photo 2. Handling the FTIR Spectrometer Agilent 4500

Photo 3. Training on Ethics authorization application dossier preparation for conducting survey or study on humans by Prof. Hassan Aguenaou.

Photo 4. Using the Bio-Electric Impedance Multifrequency Biody Expert for determining body composition