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Training workshop for the heads of laboratories of public and private Institutions about secure collection and transportation of biological samples


The National Institute of Public Health Research (INRSP) organized in a collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) from 15 to 24 August 2016 in favor of responsible laboratories of public and private Institutions a training workshop for safe transportation of biological samples for the diagnosis of diseases with epidemic potential.

The official opening ceremony of the workshop was chaired by the delegate from the Ministry of Health in the presence of the representative of WHO and the Director of INRSP.

During the speech of the Director of INRSP, Dr. Mohamed Brahim Elkory recalled that this workshop comes within the framework of the activities of the 2016 Action Plan of INRSP, aimed to strengthen the efforts of the health department to comply with the International health Regulations (RSI 2005) through surveillance, rapid diagnosis and response to public health events. He also added that the training will be organized in two sessions involving officials of the network of public health laboratories and those of the public and private laboratories in order to raise the level of the network and contribute effectively in the prevention and diagnosis of epidemic-prone diseases through the latest techniques internationally recognized (RT-PCR).

The Director of INRSP raised that the workshop aims to:

 Improve the collection and shipment of samples and infectious substances from peripheral to central level;

 Contribute to the early detection (diagnostics) of epidemics;

 Perform secure samples from the SS;

  Prepare the package samples and infectious materials in the laboratory;

 Observe sending or receiving parcels;

 Set up a functional team at national level;

 Register operations and make a report to the head of the laboratory.

As for the WHO representative in Mauritania, Dr. Jean Pierre Baptiste said that all infectious materials collected and transported, for all sorts of reasons, both within and outside the borders , between public health laboratories, the sender must ensure that the packaging and conditions of shipments meet regulatory standards recommended by WHO to safeguard the integrity of materials and facilitate their destinations safely. The representative welcomed for supervision of the training that is provided by national experts of INRSP.

The first session of the workshop (15-19 August 2016) brought to 14 participants from 7 wilayas (Hodh Ech Chargui, Hodh El Gharbi, Assaba, Nouadhibou, Brakna, Gorgol and Guidimagha) and public and private health facilities (Clinic Chiva, Military Hospital, Friendship Hospital (HA), SE / DLM, TSSA and INRSP).

The second session of the workshop (20-24 August 2016) brought to  16 participants from other wilayas (Adrar, Inchiri Tiris-Zemmour, Tagant and three wilayas of Nouakchott) and public and private health facilities (CHN, HCZ , CHME, CHS, Clinique Kissi, Clinique Nejah, police CS and INRSP).

At the end of this 10-day training workshop, the recommendations are:

 Supplying laboratories with equipment and consumables needed for epidemic response;

 The translation of documents in Arabic;

 Improve coordination between the different health structures;

 Establish an annual development program for managers of the laboratory network in the collection and transport of biological samples;

 Improve the National Routing System of biological samples;

 Advocate for training of regional laboratory staff for safe collection and transportation to the laboratory in INRSP;

 Improve coordination between officials of laboratories and responsible for epidemiological surveillance at the facility level.

The closing ceremonies of these two training sessions were noticed by the presentation of certificates to participants.


The first session of the workshop: 15-19 August 2016


The second session of the workshop:  20-24 August 2016