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Strengthening the technical capacities of INRSP in the field of diagnosis of diseases with epidemic potential


As part of the collaboration between INRSP and NAMRU3 in Egypt, a mission composed of two experts of NAMRU3 is visiting virology reference laboratory in INRSP, for the period 01 to 13/08/2016.

This mission aims to support the diagnostic activities of epidemic diseases (flu and viral hemorrhagic fevers) to strengthen the technical platform of INRSP.

The experts will support the training of personnel who use RT-PCR technic, and assay validation, and screening samples collected by the laboratory in addition to the development of new diagnostic techniques and validation kits available in INRSP by a method approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (USA).

During this technical mission, field visits will be organized to inquire about problems that can be posed to health facilities.

A development program for staff in charge of PCR in molecular biology laboratory in INRSP will also be set up.

A discussion is planned with experts to make progress on ongoing projects with NAMRU3 / CDC.