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Workshop of the results of evaluation Survey vaccination campaign against meningitis (MenAfriVac) 2014 in Mauritania

Following the meningitis  vaccination campaign MenAfriVac conducted by the expanded program on immunization (PEV) in October 2014, 1600000 people aged 1 to 29 years were targeted in eight wilayas namely : Hodh Chargui, Hodh El gharbi, Assaba, Tagant, Gorgol, Guidimagha, Brakna and Trarza (Rosso, Rkiz and Boutilimitt).

The evaluation survey was conducted by INRSP in collaboration with WHO.

The validation workshop was held on 19/07/2016 at the Royal Suites Hotel Nouakchott.
Opening the workshop of validate report of this study is given by the  INRSP Director, Dr. Mohamed BrahimElkory in the presence of the representative of WHO, coordinator PEV, Dr. M'Bareck O/ Houmeid, National consultants, PEV resource persons, and teams of INRSP who participated in the survey itself.

At the end of this workshop important recommendations were made and particularly the introduction of the meningitis vaccine in the routine PEV to prevent this disease in populations in Mauritania.