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Certification of Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) of INRSP

As part of the implementation of project activities involving INRSP/CDC/IQLS/ASLM a biological safety hoods certification activity of INRSP must be made by ASLM.

The ASLM entrusted this activity at the University of Dakar which instructed the MRC Gambia for its achievement in INRSP.

The team of certification of biological safety cabinets (BSC) stayed in Mauritania from June 23 to July 02, 2016. It was led by a representative of the University of Dakar and Antony Gomes technicians and Boubacar Cisseco MRC Gambia.

During its certification of BSC, the team was assisted by a local team led by Metrology responsible for INRSP.

This activity allowed the certification of eight (08) BSC which seven (07) at INRSP and one at the National Laboratory of Drug Quality Control (LNCQM).

This certification will contribute to the protection of the handler of the sample and the environment against pathogens under the International Health Regulations (RSI 2005) and good practices in the laboratory.