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Sensitization workshop for parliamentarians on the Codex Alimentarius and the sanitary safety of food

As a part of the awareness raising activities conducted by the National Codex Commission (NCC), the National Focal Point in this case is the National Institute of Public Health Research (INRSP) a sensitization workshop for parliamentarians on the Codex Alimentarius and the food safety was held on 20/04/2016 in the premises of the National Assembly.

The opening of the workshop is chaired by the General Secretary  of the Ministry of Health in the presence of the General Secretary  of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the WHO representative and the FAO.

The purpose of the workshop is to sensitize parliamentarians in both chambers (Senators and Deputies) on the role of Codex Alimentarius in product promotion food in all levels from regulatory standards and guidelines up to the production of quality products that can compete for access to international markets. This workshop also aims to mobilize public opinion to promote the level of our reference laboratories for monitoring water quality and food at the national level by supporting the technical capacity of the Institute.

Furthermore the workshop aims to raise awareness of the vital role of food safety in improving our health system through the reduction of food borne illness caused by harmful pathogens and toxic chemicals found usually in the products or preserved foods under conditions that do not meet sanitary standards.

During this workshop several presentations were provided and followed by interesting discussing with the senators and deputies. After this workshop several findings and recommendations were reached including the creation of a parliamentary group for advocacy and the promotion of food safety.