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Biochemistry and Hematology Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with new generation of biochemistry, immunology and automated hematology that allows it to perform most general biochemistry analysis, endocrinology, immunology and basic hematology.
The other objective of the laboratory is to contribute in the research missions of the institute by conducting research activities in biochemistry to assist the better management of certain metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
The laboratory also aims to ensure in the future supervision of peripheral health facilities of laboratories as part of building a quality approach in the field of biochemistry and hematology tests.
Human resources:
The Laboratory of Biochemistry and Hematology is headed by a biological pharmacist and supported by an experts team in routine& specialized analysis.
Biochemistry: Automate A15 Biosystems PLC Hospitex Diagnostics, Abbott Axsym.
Hematology: Cell-Dyn 1700 Abbottt, Controller BC-5500 Mindray
General biochemistry: more than 20 parameters
Hormonology: hormones of thyroid function, sex hormones, exploration of fertility, pregnancy and so on.
Immunology: toxoplasmosis, rubella, hepatitis markers ...
Tumor markers: prostate and liver exploration....
Hematology: Basic analysis (NFS, GS Rh  ... ).